Photo365 – Day 101 – camera obscura

The good thing about my photo365 project is I will post stuff that I wouldn’t normally post. I tend to post technically good pictures to be viewed by the gallery viewers, but with a blog I’ve pushed in more obscure directions. So you will get to view an alternative side to my photography. It’s this type I did in the early days, working with shadows and light, shapes and patterns.

This is a faint reflection of my in the LCD computer monitor. I noticed that one of the iphone apps enhanced the shadow and gave an almost posterised edge. I experimented with position, angle and framing and ended up with this version, straight out of the camera, using a retro camera app.

I like the noise that’s been added and the exaggerated fringing. My shape is on the right. It reminds me of an album cover of one of the industrial type bands I listened to in the early 80s. Not everyone’s cup of tea I imagine!

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