Photo365 – Day 206 – Apple

My first real computer was an Apple Mac Classic. It had a 40Mb hard disk and 1Mb RAM. You had to go to weird shops in out of town industrial estates where you had to make appointments to visit. Software was unheard. That was 1991. Over the years I stuck with the brand and went through various models…occasionally it would seem like they were taking some market share, especially in blips where PC World stocked one model and a few bits of software. Something happened a few years ago with the introduction of cool iPods and glossy Macbooks and then came the iPhone that turned things around. Now you can’t move for Apple products…and I have a brace of items.

So today, as homage, I’ve photographed part of my older Apple G4 Powerbook with the iPhone 4 and used a new hipstamatic lens I just downloaded.

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