Photo365 – Day 353 – Tired old bear

I sometimes get inspiration from photos in galleries or stores. While in B&Q last week I saw a framed photo of a bear in a bed. So I thought I’d get my old old friend out and photograph him. This is the bear I had as a kid. It was already quite old when I got him – I think it’s from the 50s.

The photo I saw was a clean and bright “chocolate box” shot…not what I had in mind. I wanted a bed time sleepy image. So I used the bedside light as a backlight and a torch to fill in around the front. The exposure was about two seconds which gave me enough time to paint over the arm, face, pillow and sheet. I did several until I got the desired effect. The light in the eye was important.

Taken on the Olympus E-P2 with a Chinese Leica M adaptor attached and a Minolta Rokkor 28mm which was made for their CLE.

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