Logitech Duet – player not found

Why not I can see it!!!!!!

Have you been struggling to connect your Logitech Media player to your network so you can play music from your computer on your hifi – I have too. No matter how much you search all you find is more and more people with the same problem and an endless stream of answers and you try all the suggested things and it still doesn’t connect? Yes me too.

A seven step switch off and on routine with a rest to factory default didn’t work

Changing WAP to WEP didn’t work

Rebooting Router didn’t work

Taking out controller battery and checking MAC no didn’t work

Setting Router to different settings didn’t work

Moving Router / controller / player didn’t work

Going back / or forward on the operating system didn’t work

So here’s the definite answer to get the Logitech DUET working.

1 Unplug the Logitech Reciever

2 Switch off the Logitech controller

3 Hold the controller in the left hand and place you right hand on your left shoulder

4 Raise your left leg and place your foot in a yoga position on you right knee

5 Do not lose balance!!!!

6 Close your eyes and think of a nice place

7 Stay in the position  for 23 minutes

8 hopefully when you switch back on and try to connect it will now work – it has as much chance as any of the other suggestions!!!!

9  If not, go and search some more forums for another solution feeling far more relaxed


Seriously Logitech really need to sort this out. I have a TV with an internet USB dongle. The Logitech player was picked up on that and I didn’t have to do anything. I can play music on my TV so why not on my HIFI?!!!

Illogitech! That’s why

There’s a saying RTFM (read the f***ing manual) And I would certainly advice that with this product. Most of what’s repeated in the forums is what’s already in the manual…and on one occasion doing what was suggested in there did get me back up and running, but the correct procedure doesn’t work every time. http://www.logitech.com/images/pdf/userguides/eng/Logitech_Squeezebox_Duet-ENG.pdf

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