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July 23rd, 2011

Photo365 – Day 204 – shadowman

A self portrait of sorts. I was in a room and noticed a reflection from a mirror hitting the wall and creating a rainbow shaped letter H. I took a few pics of that and spotted that the actual window light was also strong and part of my shadow was in the frame so I repositioned myself and balanced the shot creating this result.

June 7th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 158 – grrr…f***ing computers

Day three without a PC so I decided to take it to David to see if he could fix it. Result – The Seagate 500Gb Sata harddrive is kaput. It’s the second drive to die in less than a year! This one just gave up without a real warning. No virus, no grinding noises. Luckily I back up my contents so it’s all safeishly (new word) saved on another hard drive.

This is a shot of the open case, positioned so I see the fans that keep the thing cool and ensure the drive doesn’t overheat. Thanks fans! It’s snapped on the iphone in hipstamatic mode.

June 6th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 157 – Love in the Mist

Love in the mist is one of my favourite flowers and they’re out right now…

June 5th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 156 – Observer

My last blog was titled unlucky and the following night I was unlucky…my computer hard drive decide to stop working and went into a loop on boot. As the windows logo appeared I saw a quick flash of that famous blue screen of death and then a reboot.

I back everything up luckily but it’s still a major inconvenience. As a result I’ve not been able to post a blog for three days. But I have been taking my daily photo and today I play catch up from the work PC.

Sunday’s photo365 is a shot from the 40s event at Clumber Park. I’ve called it observer as the gent was watching a couple dance and I caught him from behind. Sadly it was a split second opportunity. As soon as I spotted him I framed up. in preparation for the dancers to come back together. But before they did he was off and the perfect moment was never to happen.

July 12th, 2008

Mastering the art of SEO

I’ve read loads about SEO now…and decided to have a go at making this site better optimised. It was, for a while, number one in Google when you type “Bargh”, but dropped after I made comments about a fraud company. The particular blog page was removed from Google and I have a sneaky suspicion several other pages were affected because the site fell rapidly to page two.

So lets attempt to get it back to the top where it belongs.  I made sure every page has a page title, that all the photos have alt tags, that the pages are validated, that there are enough keywords to make it really clear that this site is about me.  I created a site Map, told Google to look at this, removed the forum that had loads of spam id’s indexed, and then waited expecting to see an improvement. In less than 24 hours the site dropped to page 7 and has stayed there since! I’ve done somthing wrong and haven’t a clue, but when searching for Bargh you cannot get any more bargh than me or my personal web site so I want to be reinstated on the first page! Now!…. Please 😉

January 1st, 1765

Where it all began

Well as far back as research takes us (thanks to cousin Andrea Jackson)  is the Vernon family tree which is my mother’s side and is my middle name.

Vernon Family tree takes us to my family and the Bargh name