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October 8th, 2008

Panasonic G1 launch Wembley

Panasonic G1 Press Launch was at Wembley Stadium. They asked¬†Vicki Butler-Henderson (Fifth Gear) to give a presentation. It was great to see Vicki again as we’d been on journalist courses together when we both worked at EMAP.

After lunch we had a tour of Wembley Stadium

John Mitchell, Tanya Frost

Peter Bargh, James Mansfield, Mark Goldstein, Gavin Stoker

May 12th, 2004

Reykjavik with Samsung

Samsung held their European Press Launch in Reykjavik, Iceland. We flew over on Iceland Air Flight FI-451, London to Reykjavik. I was in Seat 19C. We stopped in the Radisson SAS Saga Hotel Hagatorg
Several events were organised including a Snowmobile Tour, Glacier by Jeep and an excursion into to see Gullfoss, the Geysir area, Hveragerdi and Hellisheidi Mountain Plateau

Juan Ramlill, Lucas Lee, Jake Kim

Peter Bargh, Matt Gallagher, Gavin Stoker, Terry Hope, Alistair Forest, Michael Roscoe




February 6th, 2002

Olympus Press Challenge 2002

A day out with Olympus on their annual press challenge

The event included the usual and fun competitive activities. Here we did archery,  built a Citroen car, drove round an obstacle course, played at being firemen, controlling grass hovercraft, completed a krypton factor style water challenge and duck herding, skid cars and fast car

Olympus hosts
Andy Parker, Sarah Parker, Mark Thakara, Andy Cochrane, Sara Cubitt

Ian Burley, Stuart Miles, David Corefield, Rod Lawton, Roy Green, Gavin Stoker, Neil Whitford, Vincent Oliver, Dan Lezano