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June 24th, 2016

Das Rad and Modulator ESP

I witnessed Das Rad’s first outing (comprising Steve Dinsdale, Martin Archer and Nick Robinson)…a fusion of treated guitar, wind instruments and drums with a smattering of keyboards. They performed a set at Bishops House this evening…Not bad at all.

Support was an excellent electronic feast of loops and modulation by Jez Creek playing as Modulator ESP.

Pic of Modulator ESP thanks to Jan Todd (I didnt take a cameras)

modulator esp


February 20th, 2015

Exclusion Principle and Lost Garden

Exclusion Principle and Lost Garden each played a set at a new Sheffield venue last night…upstairs above Eten Cafe on York Street. Both groups joined together at the end to perform what the called a “sonic jam” I was near the front and didn’t have a wide enough lens so this shot combines two photos: Martin Archer , Hervé Perez, Andy Peake and Nick Robinson from one, and drummer Peter Fairclough on the other.

Exclusion Principle and Lost Garden

October 25th, 2014

Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere

Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere played to a small audience at Burngreave Cemetery chapel

It was to promote the launch of their new album Θ2 – Discus 47CD and was an improvisation in two parts with a short break in between.

Martin Archer – keys, woodwind
Chris Bywater – keys, laptop
Yvonna Magda – electric violin
Michael Somerset – woodwind
Frostlake – voice
Terry Todd – bass guitar
Steve Dinsdale – drums, synth
Walt Shaw – percussion, electronics.

Cost £5 to get in

Michael Somerset


Bass guitarist Terry Todd