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The Google search has become so widely used that the phrase used “Just Google it” has become the common way to suggesting an internet web page search, so Google joins the like of Hoover and Sellotape. Yesterday Google took the search to the next level. They have added a feature that allows logged in Google users to move useful searched items to the top of the search results. So, for example, If I am always looking at black & white photography. When I search I may get two pages of spammy sites who’ve mastered their SEO. I then find the interesting stuff half way down page three. Now I can click an arrow to the right and it promotes that site to the top of page one, and remembers my preference. It’s like having a Digg system (see there I go) social bookmarking system for Searches.
The more you use it the better the results will be for you. And unlike other SEO techniques the affect of people upgrading sites to top wont affect others. You only see what you’ve done, and only when you’re logged in.  You can view how the community has collectively edited the search results but this does not affect your usual Google search.
As well as promoting sites you can also remove sites from the search too so you can get rid of spammy ones you can also make notes. This is a great move forward and it will be interesting to see if at any point Google starts to take not of quality filtered results and applies that data to their system so everyone benefits.

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  1. Blimey – I’ve never noticed that. I just ignore all the bells and whistles and really should pay more attention – thanks!

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