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An old school friend has died recently and a page has been set up on Facebook to post tributes / photos/anecdotes/memories called  The Smile of the Moon – Remembering the Surreal Genius of Mick Fidler

I got hold of a photo of him at school and thinking about it this photo has some deep meanings for me.

1 I was shy at school so didn’t get too active in this playful, energetic and experimental period

2 The photo was taken by Ian Jennet who got me into photography and if it hadn’t been for him I have no idea where my career would have taken my. I only had O levels in woodwork and tech drawing and had no interest in being a draughtsman or joiner.

3 I never used a camera to record people so all my early photos are pointless landscapes and still lifes that hold no real value. My close friend Craig Feetham used to take photos of them having fun…priceless memories now

4 Mick – the centre person in the shot – was a true leader even though we didn’t really know it at the time. He was also a genius in humour and was far more surreal than Vic and Bob…and 15 years ahead of them.

5 I lost touch with him many years ago, but he still holds a magnetism now. A powerful person who will be truly missed.


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