Monsal Dale Viaduct

I wasn’t aware the tunnel at Monsal Dale had been reopened. Well I’m way out of date as it was back in 2011 when the passage through Headstone Tunnel was reopened. The tunnel is at the edge of what I also found was the incorrectly named Monsal Dale viaduct (actually called the Headstone Viaduct). I went to take a walk through with friends Dave and Ange.

This photo was taken some way into the tunnel with the Olympus OM-D camera mounted on a tripod. I ask the couple to stand still an the shot was 33 seconds exposures so they did quite well. Harvey the dog was less inanimate

Headstone Tunnel

We’d walked from Ashford in the Water over to Monsal Head, then down to the viaduct, through the tunnel and back round to Monsal Dale and then down into the valley and followed the river Wye to Deep Dale and Marie Ann Grace Wood. A short but pleasant 5.5 mile walk.

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