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September 13th, 2009 by Peter Bargh


I went to my first game in years… Sheffield Wednesday vs Nottingham Forest.  An average game of, as they say, two halves…both with little action but a fair bit of drama from the Notts side who seemed to foul a lot and wasted about seven minutes of injury time. The game started with a goal […]

September 13th, 2009 by admin

Fred and Margaret

Lunch with Fred and Margaret Bargh at the Red Lion in Todwick  

September 12th, 2009 by admin

Sheffield Wednesday vs Nottingham Forest

Watched Sheffield Wednesday against Nottingham Forest at Hillsborough with Will and Ryan  

September 9th, 2009 by admin

Buddhism Taster

Went to a Buddhism taster session at the Loyal Trooper in South Anston with Stephen Rodgers

September 3rd, 2009 by Peter Bargh

tauchsieder – Louder

I bought the Louder CD by tauchsieder a few weeks ago in a sale at Head (ex Zavvi)  in Meadowhall. I’d never heard of them but it was one of those lucky stumble upons. If you like unusual slower music that’s verging on ambient you’ll find this a great album. What’s even better is having looked […]

September 2nd, 2009 by Peter Bargh

Cat amongst the pigeons

Well it wasn’t pigeons that I heard squawking today in the garden. When I heard the loud shrieks I thought “oh no the kitten’s got another bird”, but this time it was quite the opposite. To my surprise I saw a very worried kitten running away while being dive bombed by a thrush. The kitten, […]

September 1st, 2009 by Peter Bargh

Cardiac Rehab Exercise

The final stages of my rehab program have come in to play. I’m now attending a Cardiac Rehab Exercise class at the hospital. It’s a series of 12 sessions aimed to teach you how to exercise correctly following a heart attack. The process is like a circuit training session on sedation. The first session was […]