Häagen-Dazs ad – music by Richard Hawley

For those who watched X-Factor tonight and managed to stick it through the ads each break you may have enjoyed the melodic track accompanying the…

Floatation tank

Used voucher Karen had bought me for my birthday for an hour in a floatation tank in Lincolnshire

Will Cheung joins us

William Cheung joined Magezine Publishing as Editorial consultant

New model Chloe Bleackley proves to be a little star

I recently over heard my cardiac nurse saying “she wants to be a model” and couldn’t help push my nose in.  I soon found  out…

I’m on my own

My Cardiac Rehab exercise sessions are now over, I’ve been refereed to the local gym and I’m on my own. The sessions helped me understand…

Chloe Bleackley

Photo shoot with up and coming model Chloe Bleackley at the Turbine