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January 23rd, 2015 by Peter Bargh

Hansel & Gretel

Horse & Bamboo presents Hansel & Gretel at the Montgomery Theatre.
Went with Sarah Oldfield and enjoyed the production…especially the evil raven.
Sarah gave me a backy on her bike (first time Id done that since childhood) (sadly stolen a few weeks later) and we went to meet Gerald Garratty and Josh Waller at the Radhuni Indian restaurant on London Road.

hansel & gretel program

hansel & gretel-ticket

January 1st, 2014 by Peter Bargh

Films watched and rated

For personal use I’m making a list of films I’ve watched and rated. It’s no where near comprehensive…I’ve watched 1000s of films, but these are ones I remembered to list in 2014

Film Title Pete’s rating Comment
10 Deadmen 0/5 Absolute rubbish, stopped watching
10,000BC 0/5 Absolute rubbish, stopped watching
10th and Wolf 3/5 Good
20 Years After 2/5 Average
February 14th, 2012 by admin

Pinterest – I’m in

I decided to join Pinterest last night and finished off my profile today. It’s easy to use and looks visually great, but will it have any benefit? Will it be just another site to sap your time and energy.

I’ve bookmarked loads of great photos on ePHOTOzine. When they’re all brought together it shows what superb talent we have on the site.

Have a look and if you join feel free to follow me  Follow Me on Pinterest  🙂


Peter Bargh on Pinterest

May 21st, 2010 by Peter Bargh


I’ve always been the one in the house that’s had to deal with spiders, bees and other bugs. More recently with the introduction of a cat I’m now also in control of frog, bird, mouse, vole and, would you believe it, worm removal. None of it bothered me, until last night when this thing appeared.

what is this!

I’ve no idea what it is (any clues?) but it was much bigger than a bumble bee and with no reference as to whether it would sting or bite gave me quite a shock as it took off and flew like a Hercules in an uncontrollable fashion. There was a huge sense of relief when I managed to get it out through the window (I’m not a squasher, I like to let them go)

For all those overseas readers you can tell from the shock that us Brits are a bit rubbish when it comes to bugs!

October 7th, 2009 by admin

Will Cheung joins us

William Cheung joined Magezine Publishing as Editorial consultant

October 4th, 2009 by Peter Bargh

New model Chloe Bleackley proves to be a little star

Chloe BleackleyI recently over heard my cardiac nurse saying “she wants to be a model” and couldn’t help push my nose in.  I soon found  out she was referring to up-and-coming model, Chloe Bleackley, who’d done some catwork work, but never modelled before. So I offered to take some shots to kick start her portfolio.

I spent Friday evening in the Turbine Studio with Chloe. It’s the first studio shoot I’ve done since the heart attack last year.

Chloe turned out to be far better than I expected for a first shoot. In fact, she was much better than some models who’ve been doing it for years.  She’s very alert to how models pose and has spent time watching TV etc to learn. So when she started moving I was gob-smacked at the ease of flow.

Happy as they come, but also capable of turning on a sultry pose.  I’m sure she’ll go far.

You can see Chloe on Model Mayhem here Chloe Bleackley

And a few photos from the shoot in my gallery pages here:  Chloe Bleackley

March 21st, 1997 by admin

Winner of Apex House Fancy Dress

Apex House had their Annual fancy dress. I won two years in a row. This time it was covered in the Apex Choice in-house newsletter. Which was nice!

fancy dress story

April 24th, 1974 by admin

Diamond Dogs


I queued up outside Bradley’s records in Sheffield to buy Diamond Dogs by David Bowie on its release date today. I say queued there was just me and my school mate Craig Feetham. It was his idea. He had a cassette recorded and I had a record player, so I actually bought the first copy of Diamond Dogs in Sheffield because he had to go downstairs for his. Yes very shallow, but it felt good at the time. We managed to sneak back to school after morning assembly without any bother too!

As we bought early copies we were lucky enough to get the ones with the dog’s willy on show. Later versions had this area blacked out.