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May 6th, 2001 by admin

Carol’s 30th Birthday

Carol’s – Katie’s friend – 30th birthday party. The most vivid memory for me was the girl on the left coming in to the toilet while I was having a pee and instead of feeling embarrassed, just stood and looked at me and asked if I’d seen Eddie (bloke next to me – top geezer)

December 7th, 2000 by admin

Samsung Xmas Drinks at Claridges

Samsung Cameras invite us for drinks and merriment at Claridges, London

Emma O’Boyle

Peter Bargh

February 10th, 2000 by admin

Played skin heads

Night at Charters

I am Satan
Sue is Charlie’s Angel
Katie is Bart Simpson (first night I’d met her)
Jane is Hells Angel

December 4th, 1998 by admin

Ilford Christmas Press Lunch

Ilford Photo’s Christmas Press Lunch was at The Globe, London.

December 5th, 1997 by admin

At the Ivy with Ilford

Ilford’s Christmas Press Lunch was at The Ivy (in The Private Room) in London, England

Very posh restaurant with an equally posh set menu – sadly I was vegetarian at the time so I didn’t get to enjoy what would have been a beautifully cooked piece of meat. Pasta anyone?

July 27th, 1990 by admin

I got married

Today I married Jane Tupling at the Sheffield registry office.

I took the photos using a Hasselblad 500cm on self timer. This was me ready to set off from our house in Broughton Road, Hillsborough.


Pete Groom


It was a fairly small gathering and in the evening family and friends were invited to an evening of drinking and fun at Sheffield Skating ring nr Bramall lane.

Guests from Jessops and the Co-op plus mine and Jane’s friends and family were present.

At the end of the evening I’m told we went on the rink and damaged the ice. Too drunk to remember. We divorced on 4 April 2000.

July 19th, 1961 by admin

Peter Bargh enters the world

Peter Vernon Bargh was born today – son of Dorothy Bargh and Leslie John Bargh


December 16th, 0200 by admin

Epson Christmas Party

Those were the good old days, finish one party at lunch (Fujifilm) and then head over to another in the evening (Epson).

EPSON Christmas Party where the plan is an evening of good food, drinks, after dinner games including horse racing, routlette, blackjack, a comedic commentator and finally dancing till 1am. The evening is geared towards you relaxing and thoroughly enjoying yourselves.

It was held at the Connaught Rooms, 65 Queen Street, Covent Garden, WC2

7:00pm                  Arrive – Pre Dinner Drinks
7:30pm                  Dinner is Served
9:00pm – 10:30pm        Game Tables Open
10:30pm – 1am           Dancing/DJ

Shelley Byfield