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September 8th, 2012

William Cheung’s Best Man

Wadenhoe House, nr Oundle

wedding invite

Will Cheung tied the knot with Joanna Raines today and he’d invited me to be his best man.

We’ve been good friends since he employed me as his technical writer on Practical Photography back in 1991. Over the years we’ve travelled around the world together, eaten in some of the finest restaurants and when our hosts were taking the rest of the European Journalists on the usual tourist excursions we’d wander off together photographing the back streets of the cities.

When he asked me I froze. It’s not that I didn’t feel honoured…more terrified of having to stand up and do the best man speech. Public speaking is a big phobia of mine and I usually avoid it at all costs!

After months of worry the big day arrived and we spent a wonderful day at Wadenhoe House nr Oundle Peterborough.

They were married at 1:30pm.

Good to meet up with old friends and colleagues in the afternoon and evening including my previous bosses Karen Lynch and Richard Hopkins,  work colleagues Roger Payne, Chris Robinson, Ian Fryer and Mike Elliott, and industry friends Graham Armitage and Angela Warnes.

I took a few snap shots using the OM-D in between my minimal duties.



August 25th, 2012

William Cheung Stag Night

Peterborough Beer Festival programme 2012

Will’s stag night was a fairly quiet affair…just the way we both like it…and so it turned out so did his old school friends. We met at Charters on the river Nene. Had a few beers and then crossed over to the Peterborough Beer Festival where we sampled some real ales from the 350 on tap, and then had a go on Dodgems.

The festival was on its last day and many of the breweries had sold out and shut up but there were still plenty of options to choose from.

We finished the night out at the curry house and were surprised the Indian had run out of Pilau Rice…when does that ever happen?

Back to Will’s for a late night game of brag..I didn’t do very well so suggested we played shoot and took over as winner.

January 30th, 1998

Apex Gig

Today I found myself on stage in front of the entire Apex House publishing teams performing a few songs we rehearsed for a few weeks before hand. I was with my designer Chris and Marketing manager Tim, plus his assistant Rani and several other people from other magazines in a band we’d named Things in Black.


I’m not sure the reworded Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da to Publishers we Love you was a cool thing to do but Chris and I  just went along with the whole thing and quite enjoyed the moment.


The line up wasTim Hunt Guitar Vocals
Peter Bargh (me of course) Keyboards
Chris Robinson Guitar
Grianne Jones Vocals
Rani Sanghera Vocals
Mandy Campbell Vocals
Kevin Maxwell Double Bass
Can’t remember who the drummer was 🙁

After the gig, which seemed to go down quite well, we received a cool letter from MD Lloyd Wigglesworth.







November 21st, 1997

Digital PhotoFX launched

My magazine Digital PhotoFX was launched today. The first issue had taken me and my designer Chris Robinson about 6 weeks to come up with from concept to planning to producing. The issue came with a CD mastered by Ian Jennett.

It was a sell out issue and possible the first and only magazine to be reprinted.

This is the story in the Apex Newsletter

Apex Newsletter Digital PhotoFX

And the magazine looked like this


Digital PhotoFX issue1


May 3rd, 1997

Eels Nottingham Rock City

Eels at Nottingham Rock City with William Cheung and Chris Robinson

Great gig they came back on and did a few more songs all playing different instruments, and when the lights came on and many had left they returned to the stage and played another song…quality!