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September 9th, 2013

Higher Shelf Stones

Trig point higher stone shelf

It’s bleak on the moors…a trip out to Bleaklow and Higher Shelf Stones with a stop off at the crash site of the 16th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron’s  Boeing RB-29A

This was taken while we (Myself, Dave Ange and Jenny Horton) stopped for a very quick and very cold food break. Still arguably summer so I was surprised we got showered with hail stones!





August 3rd, 2013

Snowdon 2013

Spent a weekend away with David Horton and his daughter Jenny and son Daniel. We went over to North Wales for a walk up Snowdon stopping in the Pen-Y-Pass Youth Hostel. We got the family room which was surreal…three bunk beds and an upright piano!

We headed off up the Miners Track to the summit. One person passed and said you can see the sea today. Things changed as we got to the final ascent just passed Llyn Glaslyn. The cloud came down and by the time we’d reached the top it was the usual limited visibility that I’ve become used to at the top. Coffee in the cafe warmed us up, but then made it appear colder on exit. After a few photos of mist we headed off back down taking the Pyg track back to the Hostel.

At the top

A drive into LLanberis for tea and a couple of pints at the The Heights and then back to the hostel for a few games of pool, before bedding down for the night.

After a hearty breakfast at the hostel on Sunday morning we drove off considering what else to do before going home. The weather was cloudy with showers but it didn’t stop us deciding to do Snowdon from another route. We headed for the Snowdon Ranger path accessed from Llyn Cwellyn Car Park, off the A4085. It’s a similar 8mile walk, but for me it was quite a challenge towards the summit as my legs were cold and, despite wearing decent clothing, I was soaked and my boots leaked too. After a pie in the cafe I really felt the cold on that descent.

I’m sure it did me good health wise though.

Most remembered phrase:

  • Look at that
  • Don’t do that
  • “Fireman Sam”….”I’m not saying ought about that”
  • Nice


  • David, Jenny and Daniel talk in their sleep
  • Rain can be very wet
  • Snowdon Mountain Cafe Meat pies are great
  • A piano with broken keys can be frustrating when playing a tune
  • Jenny is good with angles
  • Youth hostel water has a high iron content



February 4th, 2013

Monsal Dale Viaduct

I wasn’t aware the tunnel at Monsal Dale had been reopened. Well I’m way out of date as it was back in 2011 when the passage through Headstone Tunnel was reopened. The tunnel is at the edge of what I also found was the incorrectly named Monsal Dale viaduct (actually called the Headstone Viaduct). I went to take a walk through with friends Dave and Ange.

This photo was taken some way into the tunnel with the Olympus OM-D camera mounted on a tripod. I ask the couple to stand still an the shot was 33 seconds exposures so they did quite well. Harvey the dog was less inanimate

Headstone Tunnel

We’d walked from Ashford in the Water over to Monsal Head, then down to the viaduct, through the tunnel and back round to Monsal Dale and then down into the valley and followed the river Wye to Deep Dale and Marie Ann Grace Wood. A short but pleasant 5.5 mile walk.

September 10th, 2012

Alport Castles

Dave Horton and I went for a circular walk that took us up Win Hill, over to Hope Cross, down to Alport Farm, and then up to Alport Castles. The final leg was a descent to Westend and round the reservoirs, Derwent and Ladybower. Back over the bridge to the Yorkshire Bridge inn for a pint of Bradfield brewed Farmers Stout. and finally back down the hill to rejoin the car. The round walk was approx 17miles and was completed without too much effort.