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December 21st, 1995

Nikon at Sopwell House

sopwell_houseNikon event at Sopwell House Hotel and Country Club in St Albans

Nikon FM10 launch?

Nikon representatives
Elaine Swift, John Clements, Simon Coleman

Press attendees
Peter Bargh, David Kilpatrick

April 26th, 1995

Contax Symposium Mallorca


I attended the International Contax Zeiss Symposium at Richard Branson’s Hotel La Residencia in Deia, Mallorca

I was editor representing  Buying Cameras magazine.

The objective for Contax was to discuss the methods used for magazine lens testing and the quality of Contax lenses. They were not happy with the general reduction in magazine testing quality and were suggesting that the technical editors were no longer very technical and didn’t understand the finer aspects of lens performance. An interesting debate!

Contax representatives
Leo Stejskal

Invited UK Press
Peter Bargh, David Kilpatrick, Joel Lacey



February 17th, 1991

My first magazine cover

My first cover as an aspiring professional photographer. Thanks to David Kilpatrick Рsadly the remuneration was just a £20 book voucher, but nothing could put a value on the confidence this and a few pieces in Amateur Photographer ( thanks Liz Potter ) gave to push me to apply for a job on Practical Photography, which changed my life.