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November 25th, 2019

Mein Glas Fabrik to release first two albums on Vinyl

A very exciting two months for the Mein Glas Fabrik project, involving myself and Mark Holmes of siiiii, that got hardly any exposure in the Sheffield fanzines back in the day. First we had an appearance on Dreams To Fill The Vacuum – a 4xcd compilation from Cherry Red – that was 6radio record of the week and then news of inclusion in a Vinyl boxed set from Vinyl on Demand Records in Germany. We had to turn down a further offer of a limited run vinyl with another record co that came days later.

Frank from Vinyl on Demand posted

I am super-happy to just have agreed on a 2Lp Release next year with another Sheffield treasure / Band called
300 cps part of British Cassette Culture Vol.2 Box and 200 as Stand Alone Release

Mein GlasFabrik are Peter Bargh on Keyboards, Percussion Electronica Radio and Mark Holmes on Guitar, Percussion Electronica Treatments.
They released 2 Tapes in 1981/82 in a very limited amount called Exotic Percussion and Death T.V. both on their own label called Incidental Music (IM 001 / IM 002)

After the Two Daughters release this year this is the next of those hidden treasure-releases that screams to be re-released.

Sometimes I think there will be a ‘Day N’ coming up in which nothing can excite me anymore but then I listen to certain tapes as those two by Mein GlasFabrik and they just suck me into the reel music and just blow your mind and you have to do a release-deal.
Therefore I think ‘Day N’ will never come

May 5th, 2019

First new track from Mein Glas Fabrik

After a long break Mark Holmes, guitarist with goth band siiiii and myself have started recording new material as Mein Glas Fabrik. Our last material was created in 1981. The new piece is an ambient journey with video footage from the Bleaklow air crash site.


April 12th, 2019

Catching up with old friends

A night in Fire Pit Rocks on West Street with old friends Mark Holmes & Angie Holmes, Robert Baker, Brian Webster, Wayne Furniss and Jane Civico. Lots of talk of bands, old times, anus t-shirt, teeth, and food. And several pints drunk including something that tasted like tar!

October 4th, 2014

Carter Tutti And Wrangler

Carter Tutti headlined at a new venue – The Abbeydale Road Picture House. They played Chris & Cosey material and were supported by Wrangler, featuring Mal from Cabaret Voltaire.

Wrangler pulled a bigger crowd of people off all ages, some enjoying the new sounds others reminiscing the good old days.

Great venue. Met up with old friends Mark & Angie Holmes, Rob Baker and Kath Furniss




March 20th, 2010

Artery play the 02 Academy Sheffield

Artery play the 02 Academy Sheffield I took a selection of photos. Muzz used one for a while as his profile pic. I’ll post some in due course

Great gig and glad they reformed.

Met up with the guys from siiiii it was the first time I’d seen Mark for about 15 years

artery academy


December 4th, 1980

Throbbing Gristle live at Rafters 4 December 1980

Went with Robert Baker and Mark Holmes to see Throbbing Gristle live at the Rafters Club in Manchester on 4 December 1980

Here’s a video in association with Mute

and photos I took on a budget Agfa 110 point and shoot camera