Career with Jessops Photo Centre

I worked with photo retailer Jessops from April 1985 until May 1991

I was interviewed for the job by Ian Kennedy and joined the team that opened the 18th branch in Sheffield at Market Place, Castle Square and later moved down to Commercial Street.

The team comprised

Phil Jordan – Manager
Nigel Darnborough – Assistant ManagerPeter Bargh – Senior Sales
Glynn May- Senior Sales
Vaughan Wingrove – Junior Sales

Our first week was spent training in Hinkley Road and Birmingham branches. We picked all the stock at Scudamore Road and then organised it at the branch.

We were joined by a succession of Saturday staff and over the years other members came and went I cannot remember which order and all but ones that stick in my mind included Paul Reynolds, Simon May, Simon Thackery, Mark Howe, Suzi Cooper, Jane , Big Al, Daren Loxley, Robert Fitzgibbons, Dr Robert Webb, Susan Turner.

Jessops went into liquidation on 9th January 2013

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