Canon Going Dutch

Canon press launch in Amsterdam.

I appear to have lost the agenda for day one which doesn’t surprise me as I lost my mind on that afternoon thanks to Eileen Martin and Patrick Mullan who I joined on a coffee trip (if you know what I mean) at one of Amsterdam’s typical bars. Some cake and a few spliffs later and I got stuck at 4pm…for a very, very long time. Had to skip the evening entertainment and let the boys from Dallas on TV talk to me.

Also experienced a selection of flavoured Genever’s at a Gin bar before the cake.

Day 2 Breakfast in Wintergarden of Grand Hotel .

Visit to Canon European Headquarters

Product unveiling in Century Plaza

Tour of Canon European Warehouse

Lunch and flight home

PR HostsPat Marlo, Yamani Parekh, Time Potter, Elodie Thorel, Fraser MacDonald, Celine Gruizinga, Nick Gardner, Geoff Thorn, Dominic Boland, Ingrid Fisher

Peter Bargh, Roy Bird, Richard Burton, Lance Cocannon, Martin Courtney, Adele Dyer, Owen Gibson, Paul Hales, Fai Lee, Claire Melvin, Nicholas Merritt, Patrick Mullan, Matthew Richards, Simon Robinson, Eamonn Sullivan, Iain Thomson, Ursula Tolaini, Dapo Williams, Margaert Williams

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