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August 6th, 2003

Olympus Press Challenge 2003

The Olympus  Press Challenge 2003, was hosted at Goodwood Park, England where a series of task were set including Skid Pad, Lightening Kart, 2CV jigsaw (build and race)


Sara Cubitt, Milly Hill

May 27th, 1998

Sanyo Video-Clip Digicam Launch – Go Carting

Sanyo launched their Video-Clip Digicam by hosting a Grand Prix Go-Kart Challenge at the Daytona Raceway, Wood Lane London England

sanyo digicam go carting day

Anna Broughton (Link PR), Peter Eldon (Sanyo)

Press attending
Peter Bargh

December 5th, 1997

At the Ivy with Ilford

Ilford’s Christmas Press Lunch was at The Ivy (in The Private Room) in London, England

Very posh restaurant with an equally posh set menu – sadly I was vegetarian at the time so I didn’t get to enjoy what would have been a beautifully cooked piece of meat. Pasta anyone?

September 5th, 1997

Contax G1 Press Launch

Kyocera UK launched the Contax G1 on a Contax Dealer & Press Day at  Cornbury Park, England                                                                     We got to try our hands at Fly Fishing, Clay Shooting, 4×4 Safari in Wychwood Forest,  Archery and went around in a Rally car driven by Avon Catzer.

David Grandison, Mike Shailes

Peter Bargh, Mike Elliott

August 29th, 1996

Palmer Sport MotorSport Experience 96

Nikon hosted an event at  Palmer PromoSport in England – the Motorsport Experience 96


It was a  thrilling day competing against other editors, journalists and retailers in a variety of motorsports events.

Below are the results of all 63 competitors.

And here’s how I did

Circuit 6th

Kart 11th

Off road 10th

Skid control 33rd

Sprint Salon 16th

Super Sprint 20th

Overall 7th!


Nikon representatives
Simon Coleman, Tim Hunnable

Press attending
Peter Bargh, Nigel Atherton, Doug Harman

January 18th, 1996

Colab Murder Mystery


The Professional Processing Lab, Colab, had a getting know the press evening at Combe Abbey in  Coventry.

As part of the fun they organised a Murder Mystery (An Idea to Kill For) event played over dinner. We stayed over at the hotel – it’s supposed to be haunted, although I didn’t feel anyone’s presence.

Colab representatives
David Hartley (Colab) Cathryn Creed and Alistair Forrest (Fairway Public Relations)

Press attending
Peter Bargh,