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December 16th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 350 – pomegranate

The pomegranate brings back childhood memories of the unusual fruit I’d have between bonfire night and Christmas. We used to have a fruit and veg van come round our estate and I’d always go with mum to help carry back the goods. Pomegranates were the fruit I looked forward to (along with fizzy pop and a curly wurly). It was fun to eat with a pin and very juicy. I didn’t know at the time (or care), but they also have plenty of nutritional value
Pomegranates are rich in vitamin C and B5. They have high fibre content, if you eat the seed and not just the surrounding flesh. They have also been found to reduce heart disease, and some class them as one of the “super fruits” In the last few years pomegranate juice has increased shelf space in supermarkets.

So that’s some facts…now my photo. As I ripped into one today I decided to halt consumption and photography it.

I no longer bother with the pin, I just pull back a segment and lever off a clump of seeds with a finger. For photography purpose I used a knife to remove as much of the pulp as I could to reveal the rich red seeds, with as many visible as possible.

I then placed the prepared pomegranate on a white transparent surface and shone light through from the back. Lighting the front with a ring light. The shots were clean and technically ideal for stock, but artistically poor so I decided to introduce a pot pourri background. And here’s the result.

June 30th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 181 – Red

A busy old day means I’ve not had much time for my photo365 project and while I’m at home ideas are starting to become a little trickier, I really lacked inspiration this evening and then I thought of another theme. The Rainbow. So I will run a series of the colours starting with red. This is a still life taken of a red vase on a red plate on a red background. It’s also the first very red thing I’ve shot on the Pentax K-5 so I’m pleased it handles a difficult colour better than its predecessors. This is straight out of camera with just a small adjustment to levels.

June 27th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 178 – Fields of red

I had a couple of red poppies appear in the garden today, and later in the day noticed Josh (ePHOTozine’s technical editor) had uploaded a camera review with pictures taken in a poppy field.  I hadn’t realised we had any in the vicinity but this one was just up the road in Anston. So off I pooped this evening with the Pentax K-5 and a bag of lenses. My aim was to takes shots different to my normal one in focus blurred background poppy shots. I had the lens baby (failed), the ultra wide (failed), the macro (failed) and the Tamron 500mm mirror (result)

I’d hope to use the Tamron with the 2x flat field converter to get super compression but it just wasn’t giving me what I wanted, so I reverted back to the 500mm alone (gives 750mm equivalent on the K-5).

So here’s one of the shots. The mirror lens gives unusual Marmite (love or hate) out of focus highlights. In fact it puts a halo around any bright object too. So the stalks took on a new look. I love the scrambled effect it gives.

February 21st, 2011

Photo365 – Day 52 – An apple a day

Many of my Photo365 project pictures are still lifes taken at home…it’s starting to make me realise I don’t get out and about enough. This is down to the monster I’ve created in ePHOTOzine – it consumes most of my time. So a quick snap here and there is usually all I am getting chance to do. That said the blog has ensured I’ve used the camera daily and I’ve tried to be as creative as possible in the space of time I have.

It’s more than I have been doing in previous years and I’m building up a healthy collection of potential stock images. As the weather improves I intend to go further afield and hopefully the blog will reflect this.
I’m on day 52, and today’s photo was a struggle. I was in the office till late and when I got home I wanted to watch a friend’s Channel 4 Dispatches program about hospital food before I start on the gallery to look at today’s uploads. So I’ve had very little time but managed to squeeze  in this shot – just before I ate it.

They say an apple a day is a healthy option – well it certainly was for the health of my Photo365 shot for today. I placed it on a red painted canvas and lit from overhead with a softbox to give the deep shadow underneath. I got the photo in one shot, ate the apple and here I am.

January 5th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 5

Today I took a trip down memory lane and photographed objects against a Venetian blind. The last time I did this seriously was back in the 80s in a terraced house I lived in. I shot them on Hassleblad and they were some of may favourite shots. So today I recreated that experience using a modern digital SLR and a 100mm macro lens.

If you draw the blinds closed and just allow a small amount of light through you get a great set of patterns reflected on the glass. Also the backlighting gives a rim effect so all sorts of shapes start to appear. It works well with wine bottles too.

glass bottle
I wish the right hand bottle had a similar base to the left. I could clone it, but this project is about the photographic experience not the post processing.

It’s a good test of the lens too. You can check for evenness of exposure into the corners (good), fringing (this one had a small amount of blue towards the edges) and distortion (this one is bang on).