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July 16th, 2014


I keep forgetting to update this blog! Today I drove for 4 hours, using the sat nav for directions, from Sheffield to Wasdale Head. The route was fine and expected at the beginning via motorways to Lancaster, then as I hit the lakes I started to notice it taking me the “shortcut” and not around the coastline on the A595 as I would have done via map nav. I ended up on Hardknott Pass.  This seriously dodgy road has some parts with 45 degree inclines, and in most places is only wide enough for one car. Quite an experience, especially when the air ambulance came and blocked the road so a fallen cyclist could be scooped up and whisked off by helicopter to hospital.

I arrived at Wasdale Head and parked in the village green, and then set of up through Seathwaite Farm and by the base of  Great Gable.

A quick stop for a self portrait (camera on self timer resting on a rock) showing Scafell in the distance.



March 19th, 2014

Doctor’s Gate

Doctor's Gate near Bleaklow

Walk with Nigel Darnborough to the Aircraft crash site near Higher Stones Shelf. This is on the descent with Doctor’s gate path in the background. A lovely sunny day, but the wind was quite ferocious.

February 1st, 2011

Photo365 – Day 32 – Dam Flask, Bradfield

I tend to realise I haven’t taken many days off somewhere around mid November, so this year I thought I’d spread them through the year. And my first day off was today to go on a walk with my brother and sister in law.

We parked the car at the wall of the Dam Flask in Lower Bradfield, nr Sheffield and walked around the dam in a clockwise direction. It’s about 3.5miles and more or less all flat. An interesting walk with a variety of wildlife.

We saw all the usual suspects – grey squirrels, blue tits and great tits, a cormorant, a variety of ducks and geese, chaffinches and magpies.

I took this shot from the overflow area of the dam. It’s taken using an Olympus EP2 with the 14-42mm zoom attached. It’s an ideal camera for walking. I didn’t notice the bird in the sky when I took the shot but I think it adds to the balance.

It’s for my photo365 project and I’m now I’m on day 1 of month two. My first month down 11 to go!