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July 22nd, 2016

Tramlines 2016

Spent the afternoon on a pub crawl around Sheffield with Jane and Sue and then in the evening saw a couple of gigs as part of the Tramlines festival

Explorers at the Forum

and Formation at Bungalows & Bears

March 26th, 2016

New Model Soldier gig

New Model Soldier played possibly their last gig as singer David Kurley says farewell due to upcoming migration to Portugal. The band supported David’s other act, Babyshambles. Good set from both followed by a night of excellent DJ model soldier

After the gig I bumped into Jennie and Josh. Richard Hawley was in the background behind my ear

me and josh


October 23rd, 2014

Mogwai at the Magna

Mogwai gave us an aural treat when they played in Rotherham’s Magna Science Adventure Centre.

Seemed to take ages to get from the entrance to the stage, but well worth the walk …great venue!


The set list was:
Heard About You Last Night
Friend of the Night
Ithica 27ø9
White Noise
Rano Pano
Auto Rock
Hunted by a Freak
How to Be a Werewolf
Mexican Grand Prix

And they came back on to a do an encore with:
New Paths to Helicon, Pt. 1

They were supported by RM Hubbert

Attended the first of many gigs with Gerald Garratty

September 28th, 2014

Golden Eagle Festival

By chance, while walking through Lincoln City centre yesterday, some bloke thrust a flier in my face.  It was for Golden Eagle Festival at the Golden Eagle Pub. Free entry and lots of bands I’d never heard of. I went and experienced the outdoor daylight selection – noon to 6pm. One band stood out – Falling Lights. Some excellent guitar playing and cool post /prog rock drum progressions. Totally unexpected after what had gone before and a few moments of goosebumps especially the opening piece. Turns out the bloke who handed me the flier was the organiser, and one of the musicians playing –






November 21st, 2013

Sigur Ros live at Capital FM Arena Nottingham

Sigur Ros

I arrived at the Arena too late to catch all the support band, I Break Horses, who were playing behind a cloth screen so you couldn’t really make out the members. I saw two tracks by them and then after a long wait with a repeated minimal tune Sigur Ros came on. And the cloth screen stayed up!  I was wondering how that would be any good when the projections appeared and the ambience all came together. Although the band where difficult to see clearly the effect of this with huge shadows and images floating around in front and behind was incredible. And then after a few tracks the screen dropped to reveal an even more incredible set with light bulbs on stands scattered around the stage and an 11 piece band.

Sigur Ros

They played for about an hour and half, and then after a few  minutes break returned for an encore and another 30 or so minutes.

Sigur Ros

My highlight was a track that had someone signalling from a mountain top in the panoramic background screen. (Not sure what it was – I didn’t recognise it). The orange signal became bright and then one of the bulbs on stage started signalling back. The person was joined by others and eventually with a crescendo to music too the whole stage and screen were flashing. Quite haunting!

Absolutely stunning concert which was far more interesting than I’d expected. I tend to get bored after a few tracks of Sigur Ros by album. but this was an aural delight. Two hours later I didn’t want it to end.

Jonsi with Sigur Ros
September 26th, 2013

Nadine Shah live

Nadine Shah live at The Harley

Nadine Shah live at the Harley Hotel & Bar, Glossop Road Sheffield…supported by David Roch and Canal Boat.

A small venue with average lighting , but great beer (and so it seems food) And the three acts were excellent. Particularly liked Cloud Boat, who each used Roland 404SX samplers to deliver some amazing sounds to blend with their interesting guitar playing.

Good review of Nadine Shah here.

She offered me a glass of red wine…very kind



Set list






November 5th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 309 – worst gig ever?

Went to Lincoln Tokyo last night for what I thought was going to be a Katy B gig with her on stage at 10:30. It was a club night…banging DJ so the sound was great but I was amongst hundreds of young revellers and felt slightly out of place. At 12am we heard she was on at 1am, at 1:30am we were told she was 30 mins away, at 2am she was just 20 miles away… she finally arrived on stage at about 3am and did a 20 minute set. To top it all some bimbo barely dressed dancers totally blocked the view I’d found. Nice one!!!!! They had very nice bodies so I guess I could have just stared at the arse in my face, but that’s not the point.

Oh and drinks are almost £5 a bottle!

And as I was taking pics at 3:10am I can count that as my photo of the day. Shot with an iPhone…I love the iphone for photography, but it really is dreadful at shooting stage lighting…as you’ll see. It was taken with a 6x digital zoom to get a decent size ms B, and that’s accentuated the crapness. So along with the worse gig ever* I post my worst photo 365 photo, and possibly my worse ever photo.


*actually seeing the Fall at the Leadmill was the worsed gig ever

November 2nd, 2011

Benjamin Francis Leftwich -Live

Taken this evening at a gig in Lincoln’s new venue “Tokyo”
Benjamin Francis Leftwich is a great acoustic guitarist, with a wonderfully smooth and mellow voice. Very enjoyable. He was supported by Daughter
Olympus EP2 with the 40-150mm zoom.

May 6th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 125 – Sieben

Tonight I went to see In The Nursery at the Sheffield City Hall’s Memorial Hall. Several musicians where playing including Sheffield musician Matt Howden performing as Sieben.
The stage lighting was minimal so I had to rack up the ISO to 4000 and shoot with the lens wide open, to get a decent shutter speed.

January 30th, 1998

Apex Gig

Today I found myself on stage in front of the entire Apex House publishing teams performing a few songs we rehearsed for a few weeks before hand. I was with my designer Chris and Marketing manager Tim, plus his assistant Rani and several other people from other magazines in a band we’d named Things in Black.


I’m not sure the reworded Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da to Publishers we Love you was a cool thing to do but Chris and I  just went along with the whole thing and quite enjoyed the moment.


The line up wasTim Hunt Guitar Vocals
Peter Bargh (me of course) Keyboards
Chris Robinson Guitar
Grianne Jones Vocals
Rani Sanghera Vocals
Mandy Campbell Vocals
Kevin Maxwell Double Bass
Can’t remember who the drummer was 🙁

After the gig, which seemed to go down quite well, we received a cool letter from MD Lloyd Wigglesworth.