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May 31st, 2006

Samsung European Press Launch 2006 Sicily

Samsung’s 2006  European Press Launch  was held in Taormina Mare, Sicily. We flew from Gatwick to Catania on BA2594 Seat 06D and stayed at Caperena Via Nazionale 189 Taormina (Messina). The international press conference was held at Grand Hotel Timeo and a Gala Dinner  at Septimo Restaurant.

Hospitality included a Jeep Tour of Mount Etna and a visit to Azienda Agricola Maria Gambino, Linguaglossa
We had a good night on the beach by the hotel.

Juan Ramill

Peter Bargh, Mark Goldstein, Julia Burley, Rachel Decruze, Chris Hahnel, Hannah Boukley, Phil Hall, Natasha Hitchens, Julia Burley, Rosie Tanner, Chris Cheeseman, Bob Martin, David Corfield, Keith Wilson, Duncan Mackien

Back home on 2nd June

July 16th, 1996

Sigma Lens Factory Tour


Sigma UK invited us on a trip to Japan to visit the lens factory and spend several days with the heads of Sigma.

We flew by Virgin Atlantic VS900 from Heathrow to Narita Airport. I was in Seat 54A

Sigma Factory Tour

Ichimatsu Lakeside Restaurant

Tour of Ginza Akihabara and Asakusa photo retail areas with Mr Kubota

Bullet train to Kohriyama Station

Tsuruga Castle


Toshogu Shrine

Yodobashi Shinjuku District

Imperial Palace

JCIA museum

Tour of Sigma Lens factory at Aizu with Mr Michihiro Yamaki

Sigma representatives
Michihiro Yamaki, Mr Kubota, Graham Armitage

Press attending
Peter Bargh, Roger Payne, Keith Wilson, Liz Walker, Neil Whitford

On this trip I discovered trains have seats that swivel 180deg, men set light to their pubes, toilet seats can have auto rotating covers, toilets with jet wash can be messy, Geisha girls can make ants out of leg hair, Japanese food is generally pretty rubbish, there are fish that you eat where one bit has to be avoided to avoid death, blind men do pretty good massages,  there are insects that are big enough to touch the back of your throat and still stick out of your mouth, Bullet trains are really fast, McDonalds is not the same in Japan as it is in Europe, Keith Wilson is always late, I laugh more with Roger Payne than anyone else, and Sigma lenses are really well made.


April 26th, 1996

Samsung European Convention 96 – Marbella

Samsung’s European  Convention 1996  was to  Marbella in Spain. I attended as editor of Buying Cameras magazine.

British Airways flight BA 2473 – I was in Seat 4E

We stopped at the Melia Don Pepe Hotel
Cipriano Playas Del Doque
Hacienda La Venta
Puerto Banus

It was the famous trip of Prairie Oyster, Finger dancing prawns, clothes swapping by the pool, unexpected karaoke and hangover donkey riding…goes down as one of the best press trips in my career, made extra special by Dan, Rog, Liz and, of course, Mr Gary Banks. I drank some very strange stuff on that event.




Samsung Representatives
Gary Banks, J Lee, H Paik

Press attending
Peter Bargh, Daniel Lezano, Roger Payne, Keith Wilson, Liz Walker, Neil Whitford, Dennis Taylor, M Blackledge

Some of the many European editors included TIPA friends Sylvie Hugues from Reponse Photo (France), Fre Withoff from FotoHandel (Holland), Johan Elzenga Foto-Visie (Holland) Juan Varela FV Actualidad (Spain) and  Giulio Forti Reflex (Italy)

April 26th, 1995

Contax Symposium Mallorca


I attended the International Contax Zeiss Symposium at Richard Branson’s Hotel La Residencia in Deia, Mallorca

I was editor representing  Buying Cameras magazine.

The objective for Contax was to discuss the methods used for magazine lens testing and the quality of Contax lenses. They were not happy with the general reduction in magazine testing quality and were suggesting that the technical editors were no longer very technical and didn’t understand the finer aspects of lens performance. An interesting debate!

Contax representatives
Leo Stejskal

Invited UK Press
Peter Bargh, David Kilpatrick, Joel Lacey